Cinnamon Life is proud to bring one of the most famous and best-loved musicals of all time, to Colombo - THE SOUND OF MUSIC. In February 2018, this extraordinary theatrical performance will dazzle audiences in Sri Lanka, enabling them to experience a world-class musical that has made its mark on some of the world’s most revered stages including those on the West End and Broadway. Known as one of the most critically-acclaimed productions in history, this iconic musical will be brought to life by the Asia Broadway Group – one of the world’s best entertainment and live touring bodies.

THE SOUND OF MUSIC, will be the first-ever event of its calibre to be performed in Sri Lanka, and will help to pave the way for Cinnamon Life, to host even more large-scale entertainment productions in the future. All sets, production equipment as well as cast and crew members will be brought in especially for the event, which promises to offer Sri Lankan and regional audiences the opportunity to immerse themselves in a truly memorable and iconic musical filled with lovable characters, cherished songs and a heartwarming storyline.