Cinnamon Future of Tourism Summit 2019

  • Cinnamon Grand Colombo | 23rd Sep 2019

    The Third edition of the ‘Future of Tourism Summit’ (FOT 2019), was held on 23rd September under the theme ‘Challenges and Growth in the Face of a Crisis.’ It’s highlights included an interview by Richard Quest – CNN’s Editor-at-Large and host of Quest Means Business with the Honourable Prime Minister of Sri Lanka – Ranil Wickremesinghe among other highlights. This year’s event brought together top global destination experts, including special advisor to the UNWTO Anita Mendiratta who shared their specialist knowledge and insights on how tourism industries can implement sustainable strategies in the long-run and recover and rebuild following a variety of incidents ranging from terror attacks to natural disasters.

    The highlight of this year’s summit was the exclusive discussion with Richard Quest, coupled with the captivating line up of speakers and the timely theme, this year’s forum attracted a full house, with it being sold out days in advance as people clamored to witness top global experts share their first-hand experience in driving sustainable growth in tourism, in the most challenging times.


Highlights of Cinnamon Future of Tourism 2019
2019 Oct 28
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Richard Quest I Cinnamon Future of Tourism 2019
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Richard Quest I Cinnamon Future of Tourism 2019
2019 Sep 25
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