At MAMMA MIA! - It's such a feel-good musical to be a part of
“It's such a feel-good musical to be a part of. it's so special to sit back and watch it performed live. Not  everyone has the privilege, time or the budgets to fly abroad and see the original but it's great to know that it's brought here so the people who cannot travel, get a chance to experience it “
“The show, the performers, the colors, the sets, everything was really good.“
At MAMMA MIA! - The interaction at the end..
“The interaction at the end and the ability to sing along with the performers was an amazing experience and we hope to see more of these plays here in Sri Lanka.”
At Nigella Lawson - It's really great to see a...
“It's really great to see a British home cooks perspective on Sri Lanka, from the wildlife to the food and experiences within the country. I thank Cinnamon Life for giving me this opportunity to be a part of this amazing moment and it's been incredible.”
08-August-2019 Zainab Faizal